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          • 產品名稱: 百合康牌葡萄籽大豆提取物維生素E軟膠囊
          • 產品分類: 諾卡鑫系列產品
          • 公司名稱: 威海市銀松生物科技有限公司
          • 添加時間: 18/10/27
          • 分    享:
          • 二 維 碼:







          【標志性成分及含量】100g含:原花青素7.53g、維生素E 1.223g、大豆異黃酮 65.0mg












          【執行標準號】Q/WBH 0096S







          Baihekang Grape Seed,Soybean Extract  & Vitamin E Softgel

          The product is a dietary supplement that takes grape seed extract, Soybean isoflavone, vitamin E, soybean oil, beewax, gelatin, glycerin, brown iron oxide, carmine and purified water as the main raw materials. Human body tests show it has the health fuction to remove chloasma.

          Main raw materials: grape seed extract, Soybean isoflavone, vitamin E, soybean oil, beeswax, gelatin, glycerin, brown iron oxide, carmine and purified water.

          Active ingredients and contents per 100g: OPC, 7.53g;Vitamin E, 1.223g;Soybean isoflavone 65.0mg

          Healthy function: To remove chloasma.

          Suitable for adult women with chloasma.

          Unsuitable for children, pregnant women and lactating women.,patients of gynecological cancer and those with a family history of gynecologic oncology.

          Directions: Twice a day and two soft gels each time.To be taken orally.

          Specification: 500mg per softgel.

          Shelf life: 24 months.

          Storage: Seal and keep in a cool and dry place.

          Caution: This product is not a substitute for drugs. Better not exceed the dosage recommended or use this product with similar nutritional supplements at the same time; better not be taken with the products that contain  soy isoflavones, Please pay attention to gynecological examinations after long-term consumption.

          Batch number and date of production: see the package.

          Approval No.: GSJZ G20080483

          Production license number:SC11337108200263

          Executive standard No.:Q/WBH0096S

          Distributed by:


          Contact information:

          Manufactured by Weihai Baihe Biology Technological Co., Ltd.

          Address: 552, Chengda Road, the Swan Lake Economic and Technical Development Zone, Rongcheng City.

          Post code: 264319

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